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identity 02:11
mountains and buildings scale the sky, destroy, rebuild, destroy, then die
blame 04:09 video
a world full of righteousness and who are we to blame when our god brings us glory yet he also brings us shame without him all is meaningless yet is he left to blame when he brings us order and he also acts insane vessels full of empty thoughts so he is to decide who shall such remain and who shall such should die he is here without us he is waiting to decide who he will let kill and who will let die he is here without us he is growing to decay evolving towards the future and yet all of life betrayed we blame
penance 05:12 video
there are no words when said that cause me to repent in terror. no divine grace exists that claims man wretched and all fallen. my hands are not stained with the blood of men who deem themselves my holy saviour. consequences of my birth do not demand repayment thus surrender of my will is only mine to offer. my will is not bound to atone through wars declared by bloodlust of the martyrs. the sacred texts which worship death claim life leads to perdition but hallowed light which burns and blinds will not degrade its' value. i will defend my right to be separate from those who die and kill for heavens. declarations of holy wars against those yet to be born and the silent all condemned in the eyes of believers result from fears and hopes of those yet to attain their destine curse of penance. no gods, no masters
i die 03:45 video
why is it that when you stand your shadow's everywhere? remnants of what you've done is drifting in the air all is not forgotten your sins are not forgiven i will still remember what you have done i die, i die for what you've done i die, i die for what's become why have they forgotten? why have they forgiven? all the pain you've caused us and there was no war won we will still be human this will still be real i will not forgive you there is no appeal i die, i die for what you've done i die, i die for what's become i die, and there was no war won i die
prayers 05:15
i have wished upon the stars to the dead lights from far beyond and all the heavens seem to shine from what the gods have left behind ours are the wounds created by sorrow damned broken dreams left drifting through fears and yet nothing to hear them they are all fading slowly as soon as created they start to decay there are cries of the people some grovel in need vital for existence and with self sacrifice these are lined with the prayers of a mobs selfish actions their trivial greed are heard just as loud and all sewn together they all seem the same why should a wish be deemed unimportant what has the right to help just at will not all the wounds when ignored begin repair so have the gods left or does struggle amuse them? and we go on, on and on and on no reason to live is no reason to die no reason to stop for a lack of protection and no reason to quit for the void of a meaning no reason to kill for the love of a god the ethereal plains are now deafened and silent no angels hear hopes, no wishes come true will, strength, and effort does not entail success sometimes the failure is simply guaranteed we must go on, and on, and on, and on
history was written on the sands of the windiest desert only the surface is ever revealed and each grain is as meaningless as all of the others from the heights there are no depths to see endless and ongoing the grains are all alike no oasis no salvation no paradise exists for us deities may tread on us though they have no escape drifting from one mirage just to find another drinking valleys of the sand knowing it's not water finding there's no haven from dune to dune hateful and narcissistic the gods are all alike no oasis no salvation no paradise exists for us
loving wrath 04:46
we're god given fodder like sheep to the slaughter created to be destroyed and damned love as oppression controlled by delusion warning us of god's gift of flame and where are the answers we ask to the heavens when good men deserve to burn and die we see mothers they're mourning the deaths of their children brought down to hell for gods mighty plan who will defend themselves against gods loving wrath? who will stand up to the people that believe suffering is justified? who are we to believe that god is good? we lay waste to the people outside of the steeple for treading on our holy land then hoping salvation is granted by murder when defending gods loving name who will defend themselves against gods loving wrath? who will stand up to the people that believe suffering is justified? who are we to believe that god is good?
spite 04:37 video
you are bound from ways of learning you are betrayed by those who teach and condemned with those before you you are paralyzed by righteous beliefs you are closed to comprehension you were raised in hate's restriction only guns compose your syntax and your vengeance shadows reason a shot rings out the land becomes engulfed in flames and every word of hope now reverts to pain you were born and raised with fury and then fed by lies in context yet no god determines infidel there is no supreme justice and no suicide to sainthood you were ravaged by the times and yet ruins will be your likelyhood your ashes will burn by ashes
when the world ends and there is nothing left there'll be no remorse there'll be no regret what we have is now and all we've ever known it's all we've ever had not just what was wanted no souls for sacrifice no will to guide our own no deity to wrong no heaven to endure no kingdom left to come no world beyond our own no higher being as judge no lifetimes to explore


‘axioms’ is the first album released by ‘for all the emptiness’. it is a collection of nine tracks: one intro, one outro, and seven songs. ‘axioms’ form the basis of the music following this release. each track was deliberately created to be in the simplest and most basic form, great effort was taken to strip down the music to a minimal state.

the content of the music by ‘for all the emptiness’ revolves around responding to claims based on anti-reason. the tracks from ‘axioms’ in particular is an attempt to respond to the claims of deism/theism. ‘axioms’ examines a large spectrum of these anti-reason/theistic claims from the vile nature of faith to the worthlessness of the claims.

there is no reason to believe a god exists, doing so is walking a thin line between immorality and ignorance while disbelief is honestly and freedom.


released September 24, 2011




for all the emptiness Toronto, Ontario

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